What is ASP.NET MVC & how to learn it

ASP.NET MVC is a framework that is used for making web-application.  In ASP.NET MVC we divide our application into 3 parts.

1. Models

Models are the layer which contains all our logic code, for example, if your website calculates something or provide a report on some calculation, this is the layer which is going to contain all the logic.


When someone opens the website in the browser, he some us, for example, a form, a button or some text that’s the user-interface. In Views, we define our UI.

3. Controllers.

When you hit some URL in a browser, it’s going to the server, Server returns the response. This all HTTP Request handled in the  Controller.  All the URL handled in the Controller.

This is the basic part of ASP.NET MVC. If you have Visual Studio installed, you can create an ASP.NET MVC website in Visual Studio.  Nowadays in .Net Core you can develop core MVC app in VS code.

The best way to learn asp.net MVC is to understand the basics of language & framework. You can see C# All over the StackOverflow and it’s great to use ASP.NET MVC with C#.  You can grasp all basic from the asp.net website’s learn section https://www.asp.net/learn Go to MVA and watch and practice all the videos.

If you have subscribed to Visual Studio Dev Essentials you can get a 3-month plurasight subscription. Pluralsight provides a wide range of tutorials on asp.net. When you learn some topic you can assessment yourself on pluralsight and figure out what thing you need to practice to learn it.

When you got the basic, start implementing the web-application. You can find the tutorial of ASP.NET MVC & C# all over the internet.  From last few months, I am also making some basic tutorials on youtube, you can watch my youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcgns5s-N42EyTTxoVDQ2mA?view_as=subscriber  I am using asp.net MVC from a long time now. I can help you, you can always contact me through FB, Linkedin,Twitter, Facebook.