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Recently I am trying to open a MVC 3 project which is made at time of VWD 2010. When I opened this I see this kind of project doesn’t work anymore in my VS. I got a problem that project is unable to migrate. On same time I open it in webmatrix 3 as site and it’s work fine.

So how to fix it.

Make a new project somewhere else with same name. now copy the csproj and sln file to the project folder which contain your real project. Remember that VS 13 doesn’t made the project for MVC3. You can make MVC4 project. This will changed nothing in configuration of our MVC3 project. our MVC 3 project will be remaining based on MVC3 .net 4.

I have 2 sln file in my project which I generate now in VS 2013. Which one I need to copy ?

Copy the sln file which is inside the project folder. Where your sibling folder is Models, Controllers. Copy the sln,.csproj file from the folder which contain the Models, Controllers folder.

Now compiling will not work. Actually your csproj record the footprint of files that is included or not included (if you compile the project after exclude some classed then compiled dll will not have excluded class, it’s even doesn’t generate exception if your exclude class have some code issues).

For fix it. Select everything in your solution explorer except the references. Now you need to exclude everything. Include all thing again and see it’s working now. Note in this trick you changed nothing in your Visual studio project but it’s make our project worked again.

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