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From years I was using Windows. Windows 10 was good OS for use when you work with mostly dotnet kind of things. You have a best editor to use that is Visual Studio 2019.

I was using my windows machine for docker and node kind of thing. Things goes terrible when docker got updated and I loose everything I pull from docker hub. I tried to use WSL2 (from insider iso). That thing look good but still not perfect. I am getting very small speed when I try to use my WSL software on windows machine (WSL allow you to use same CLI from linux on windows folder).

So I moved to Ubuntu 18.04, 19.10 and 20.04 (still in development). In ubuntu thing goes better since everything work great. great than things are on Windows.

When I run Android studio on Ubuntu 19.10 thing were slow. Like you run Android studio you wait, loading thing you wait. But

I tried the daily build of 20.04 and it's have a great feature that help me to be more productive. It's cache my HDD with the stuff I am using.

When I was a windows 10 user. startup was terrible. MY HDD goes 100 by sysMain (Superfetch). I am not seeing the same issue on Ubuntu 20.04.

Now I am using Ubuntu 20.04 which is still in dev. Now I run Android Studio, HDD cache the thing I am running. Suppose If I close the android studio and open again, it will open in very few second(s). The project I open is opened in very small time.

In my setup I was using 12 GB RAM. I see my HDD 100% on start when I boot my windows machine.

On my Ubuntu 20.04 the same machine work like it's got the wings. The things that is served from HDD is served from RAM. Which make me think to drop the idea to buy SSD.

I was thinking about buying a SSD so I can use my machine effectively. the clean windows 10 + WSL + Visual Studio run very slow when you have a HDD.

The same hardware run smoothly on Ubuntu 20.04. The thing that will be missing is Visual Studio and other tools that will work only on windows.

Happy Coding!