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Recently Youtube update their android app. In this post I will demonstrate you the feature that is not work correctly (maybe not totally).

When a user want to unsubscribe and click on subscribe it’s look like they have successfully unsubscribed but it’s not. I tried to do same with many channel but none of them unsubscribed.

When I click on subscribed (which I already have) then it’s removed from left side “What to Watch” panel. Now it’s means it’s successfully unsubscribed but it’s not. Sometime it’s not removed from left (when you tried fast).

When I check the subscription on YouTube none of channel is removed from my subscription. I remove them one by one on their site.

In my android device I have a settings > preloading > checked both option

Preload subscriber

Preload Watch later.

Check both option have a new kind of bug now. I have seen that now it’s show me list of channel which I have removed from youtube by going to site directly. it’s not updated frequently. it’s make a confusion to user.

So there is 2 problem in Youtube android app.

  1. Remove the channel from subscription doesn’t do anything.

  2. not update the list of subscription when frequently. removing channel sometime not even removed from left side panel.

Hey Youtube, Fix those issue Smile Sad smile Smile with tongue out