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UPDATE 19 December 2013

I am using Visual studio 13 from it’s preview time. This year’s release have buggy implementation of many feature that recently have added to Visual studio. There are bunch of issue that we want to get fixed. Here is my own list.

When I work in ASP.NET MVC project’s cshtml it’s show me waiting. it’s happen with just demo code project where I have add nothing. This happen in cshtml and C# that I have checked and confirmed.

I figure out my intellisense stop working suddenly few time. I thing something goes wrong in my project. I close the .cs file and open it again and now it’s work. Happen to me 2 times. Doesn’t sure about it so I have made a video and post them on connect.microsoft.com.

I have posted a bunch of thread on connect.microsoft.com with videos/text/screenshot to make reproduce of issue easier. You can find all of them here connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/SearchResults.aspx?UserHandle=Anirudha%20Gupta

When I got a bunch of problem I still not feel this is stable releases. VS 13 doesn’t have support for MVC 3. they change many thing that is not too old. When this kind of trouble happen I simply go back to 2012 that is work fine. There is no problem with 2012 which gave me everything that I can do in 2013.

From taking look on people’s problem on Stackoverflow there is many thing broken in 2013. Nothing seen fixed for me in update 1. Second update even not sure that all my issue will be fixed so 2012 is good choice.

Thanks for read my post.