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Last month I see post of some of pages that I like on Facebook. Because they have a lot of comment on single post on FB they can’t check every comment. Now see what happen to them.

Few bad people who even don’t live in Same country and have a bad mentality start abusing it. Because both country are near so they can abuse in their local language that people can read.

The Facebook.com have 2 stupid thing about this.

You can comment by just type but if you want to report abuse then click click > this option > blah blah. This means you need to spent minute(s) for a single comment that is abusive.

When I report 2 comment that is abusive then I got silly response from Facebook. They write in response that they got no evidence in the comment I report.

Is this good ?

The people who abuse on Facebook write all their comment in abusive way (if you check their profile). the profile have fake image and there is nothing to say if all other thing are also fake.

If Facebook.com have nothing with this problem then why we use it.