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If you using using your phone, pc and laptop for a long time on work, you maybe search for a solution to make eye strain easy for you.

For some people flux work fine. I have installed it on my desktop and laptop both. If I can’t get it on new device I can feel what is missing in my system.

I bought Gunnar spectacles from Amazon India. First of all The package come with full of dust but packed well (Amazon packed everything well). I didn’t have any problem with packaging because product was safe in it.

After few days I see small small spot on Gunnar. I report them on FB. They disable rating just after my rating. They have paid for rating as I can see 39 people give them rating. So this company pay for Fb rating that is totally fake.

I mail them but got no reply. FB them but no reply. Tweet them but still not see anything in my inbox.

  1. If you closely look at people you will find that all these people talking about it is getting free copy of the gunnar. Gunnar give them free because of marketing.

Marketing too much but no support at all. No one reply when you see a spot in your Gunnar spectacles.

Why there is no comment on FB. Why remove all those comment. Do you see any company doing this with comments. They disable rating option just after my rating. After buying my spectacles they discontinue that list on Amazon.in

Be careful with company like this, Too much money spent on marketing but it doesn’t work good if you see a problem in the spectacles.