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Many time we just want to make a small changes on site and we don’t want to download the whole project again. In this post I will show you some good way to do it.

People who have Expression Web 4 can do it. I tried it and it’s work good with aspx file. If you have site in asp.net and use aspx engine then this is a good option. Well, Expression Web is free (previously paid software).

A another good option is Komodo Edit. You can use komodo edit and few plugin to make FTP editing work for you.

The problem in these 2 apps are they don’t have syntax highlight and support for CSHTML file which are introduced with MVC 3. For this I suggest you to go with webmatrix. You can use Webmatrix to edit cshtml file online.

Remember that Webmatrix don’t support Compiling of MVC project. You need Visual Web developer Express at-least to compile your project.

if you are in hurry try https://c9.io/ put your FTP settings and you just got your hands ready to make changes on live site.

If you have anything else in your mind share it here.