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Last time I write a post about how to extract image from Microsoft Word file. I provide instruction in this post that work without having Microsoft office.

In this post I will introduce a another nice thing which even don’t required to have WINDOWS.

Look at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-office-viewer-beta/gbkeegbaiigmenfmjfclcdgdpimamgkj install it in chrome. It will work on Linux, Mac and Windows. For extract image here is the instruction.

  1. CTRL + O and choose the file.

  2. You can your doc file loaded inside the chrome

  3. Right click and save. Remember that it will not save in any extension. You need to do it manually.

For know which extension image has been used Right click on image and open them in new tab. You can see First three char like PNG, GIF. This is the extension that is image used to be.

I have tested my doc file and it’s work Smile