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I am writing my last post Firefox 7 Released when Mozilla release Firefox 7 now they have 9 soon they have 12. Now I am show you a little problem with word processor we use daily. let’s take a look at issue

Suppose my name is Anirudha. what happen if I use some different different software.

*Windows Live Writer:- *window live writer have no suggestion about it show RED border in bottom of text.

*Microsoft Word 2007 :- *Maybe it’s a little bit better because when I type anirudha they make it capitalize and show me Anirudha after a correction.

*Firefox Nightly :- *When I write anirudha in a textbox I found a correction “Ludhiana”. What is Ludhiana.

Chrome:- In chrome Web browser when I type anirudha I got some great correction who really not correct. See a list of thing I see for correction

  1. Aniakchak
  2. antivirus
  3. animated
  4. aniseed

in HTML5 by default if spellcheck attribute not defined or not have a false value browser try to check their value. The check-spell algorithm designed for checking spelling unable to improve productivity when a user have some non-English words.