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One of my friend share his college experience with me. He is not related with computer science. One day he told me that Ankia Fadia come to their college. In front of many student he show how to hack BSNL website by tricks. he break the flow how BSNL site work. I have told them BSNL is one of the most unsecure website of India Sad smile

If you logged-in to website maybe it’s run in few seconds but sometime it run in 58 minute. OK this is not grammar mistake 58 minute is less then 1 hour. This means open a tab and put the link to open. it will open in hours.

If you are using IE8, Chrome and Firefox you will be forced to use IE7 or downgrade. I simply use Ie7 mode in IE for make it work. This happen because they use something that is called DynaTrace.

This site is most unsecure. now guess how !

Suppose my username is xyz and password is abc. How I can reset the password I simply go to website and in their site when I do reset my password he told me to fill password and password will not worked here.you can use here password here to reset my password.

Remember that username are different then broadband username and password. Suppose if I want to reset your password I simply need to know your broadband username and I can reset it myself. I just logged in with my username and when I open the page for reset password I can fill your bb username and password will work here. I have not tried this.

the broadband username can easily guess. this is depend on same way how people’s broandband username made.

IS this Safe ?

Nope, There are many thing on the site which make me feel that is 1900 century website. They still lived in popup life. These site are nothing but a crap. not work most of time and when work it’s run too slowly.