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Every Chinese brand come with a once advantage that is called cost-friendly. As these brand continuously fooling Indian customers. Here is my own experience.

Meizu m1 note is a good device but it’s a short term phone. it will broke in 1 year something. You need to repair it after that period. Same happen to most of people ( I watch them on YouTube). You can find them on YouTube.

I don’t use phone for gaming. My main purpose was to use the phone for watching videos and Quora/Reddit and other apps for reading articles. The phone was awesome but suddenly it’s touch stop working one day. This is same happen to Most YouTube user.

In next few days it’s broken. Now repairing it cost 6000, when new phone (m3) with new feature can be bought in 8999 or 9999. So Company make no sense what kind of business they doing.

Next time you see a brand like Meizu. see what happen to the device after 11-12 month. Does phone works after that period. The only solution of this problem is going with non-Chinese brand which have good reputation, build-quality and after sales support.

Happy shopping Smile

lesson learned : Never buy Chinese stuff by just watching their specification. I can utilize what I paid for last year much better this year.

Few years ago I bought a swan harmonica which work great. it cost me 6$ and I sell it in 5-4 $ after using it for half year. I can’t blame all Chinese brand but be careful. Maybe Chinese brand sell you something that will only work for very low time period compare to other brand.