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In the starting of this month I bought a nokia phone. the design and look of the phone is pretty good. I have some issue with the phone that I am going to describe here.

When I got my phone it’s look awesome. I just hold it in my hand and it’s work well. Suddenly my hand make a motion and it’s going restart. I feel it’s feature but it’s not. its’ fault. *UPDATE *This problem has been fixed when I have gone to Nokia care center.

In few days I see that my phone have volume down key broken. I search online and figure out how many people have same issue. *UPDATE *This problem is also fixed by Nokia care for now.

Something I don’t like is different in convention that has been used in this phone and other devices.

It can’t provide access my own storage drive on my phone.

XBOX music player doesn’t have feature to seek the music. you need to push the button for seconds to backward the music.

some setting are really annoying the user. a example of that is when your battery goes down 43% then it will turn off the WIFI. it will not make a notification and if you on it again it will off.

The button that is provided for BING must have ability to change it to something else.

In Windows 8 you need to pay for app that is provided freely on IOS and android. Do you really want to pay when android gave same thing free of cost. android have more user so you pay for software that has not even not used by many people as android.

Youtube app is not working. it’s not fault of MS. it’s fault of Goo$le.

There are many thing that can be improved, wait for future update to fix these issues.