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In last days I Installed MVC 3 update in my PC. Today I got chance to take a look on MVC 3. I create a sample project and see a kind of problem “Nuget is not installed or out of date”.

For those people who have trouble like this. Go to tools > Extensions > uninstall the Nuget and installed the Nuget again.

Now it will work fine. This problem happen in VWD 2010 Express sp1.

For people’s information MVC3 come pre-installed in 2012 and then removed in 2013. Don’t worry MVC 3 project can still be run but have some kind of issue in Editor for editing Razor files. For people who want to upgrade use Nuget package to upgrade it to MVC 4. MVC4 can run within .net 4 as well as MVC 3.

Migration of MVC project to MVC 4 ?

How to migrate ASP.NET MVC 3 , MVC4 project to ASP.NET MVC5 ?

thanks Arun Mahendrakar to clear the name of nuget. i really not know that i misspelled it.