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Few months ago I am looking for a editor to doing simply edit on html,css,javascript. Before it I tried notepad++ which is quite awesome to do all works I want to get done with him. I choose 2 editor on my list.

first is sublime text and second is phpstorm. both are cross-plateform. I tried both and both is working fine. I finally go with sublime text 2.

Here is the reason why sublime text 2 is awesome.

phpstorm and sublime text 2 both is licensed software. In sublime text 2 you can use it for unlimited time when phpstorm is available for 30 days only.

Sublime text 2 is very memory efficient and lightweight software this is first thing people found best in sublime text 2. in phpstorm problem for me is sometime it’s goes unresponsive when I tried html5 boilerplate. sublime text 2 is never hang depend on memory size of project compare to phpstorm.

in Sublime text 2 you can got better speed at coding after learning some shortcut and basic thing applied specially sublime text 2. Sublime text 2 come with distraction free mode when phpstorm have nothing with full-screen.

Sublime text 2 support almost every language. I have seen many people in community who has move from their PHP IDE to sublime text 2. You can use LESS and coffeescript in it. There are many kind of customization out in github regarding sublime text 2.

In past I also have also tried webmatrix. the latest version of webmatrix have nothing good as sublime text 2. Sublime text 2 is best fit for my requirement.

[oops, their is some grammatical mistake done in this post.Sorry for it, I will update it in my free time.]

So cheers, people should tried once Sublime text 2 if they are look for a solid tool for learning new things. sublime text 2 can be downloaded from http://www.sublimetext.com/.

Thanks for reading my post.