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  1. Environment > Document > Check the option for auto-load changes.

By checking this option You can modified the file outside the VWD and VWD don’t tell you for confirmation.

  1. Environment > Tabs and Windows > Preview Tab > uncheck the solution Explorer option.

This option don’t show you the file when you just click on them in solution explorer.

  1. Project and solutions > Check the track active item in solution explorer

This option help you to easily figure out which file you working on and where it is in solution explorer .

  1. text editor > all settings > word wrap > check this feature to enable word wrap

  2. Text-editor > Css > formatting > check the compact rule.

this option make you file smaller in size and easily to read.

  1. Text-editor > html > miscellaneous > uncheck the auto ID option.

Actually When you copy paste the html code Visual studio change their ID if ID is already exist. this option disable that feature. This is useful to do when we write if{} else {} statement and this is not helpful on that case.

  1. Package manager > General > browse > copy the location of cache folder and in package source add them as source. This way you can use package that you have use earlier when you are offline.

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