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When Visual studio 2010 released back in 3 year ago I soon show a demo to some people that how Dark mode of Visual studio will be great idea. Soon we got some theme plugin which make us able to modify the look of visual studio.

http://studiostyl.es/ already provide lots of wonderful color scheme that make you able to modify the theme. These themes are also work in webmatrix 2. Webmatrix 2 have a plugin for themes that is made by Yishai Galatzer that is awesome for webmatrix 2.

In Visual studio 2012 we got a native dark mode. This means we can configure it without any plugin or requirement of anything. In this post I have a demo to show you how to use Dark mode that is part of Windows 7 (and windows 8 too).

Few months ago I show a problem that webmatrix 2 run slow. it’s run better in windows 7 dark mode. Windows 7 dark mode simply refer to right click > personalize > High contrast theme in bottom of windows. This setting make thing a little bit faster.

When you have set this you have seen that Visual studio doesn’t react good anymore because it’s color scheme is broken now. What you need now is import any theme from http://studiostyl.es/ When you import this this will look good as this.


This is the demo look of Windows 7 phone Express 2010. It will react same for future version as 2012, 2013. Now see your VS react look dark. Everything is dark now. Your Firefox and IE will not run totally in blackish mode but you can use chrome. Chrome have less effect of dark.

Now if you benchmark it then you will feel that everything that take a long time in loading now run fast.

Note :- This is experiments. Remember to have settings backup before apply new theme. All thing I do is make my VS run faster. If you have any trouble or idea please comment it.

Thanks for read my post Smile