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If you are installing .net connector in your PC then it’s registered the assembly in machine.config. Now if you want to run a single asp.net website you need to have Mysql.Data dll in your project no matter you use Mysql or any other kind of database connectivity.

After time by time you make new project, new version of mysql connector come (.net connector is opn-source and active in development). Soon you come back to make a modification on project that you made earlier now you need to upgrade the project. Nowadays if you are using Nuget package then nuget will take care of your mysql connector automatically.

When you install .net connector and add the reference then most of time it’s not matched with the version that is available on server. You can deploy the bin to solve this issue. I have written a post earlier to make fix the mysql issue MySql.Data.MySqlClient version mismatched

Here is the exception and most annoying problem that mysql connector make for developer.

Suppose for example I just create a website ( in webmatrix 3) put my index.cshtml and now see what it preview for me.


This means I need to add the mysql.Web even I don’t use any kind of database. I need to do every asp.net mvc project no matter they use mysql. it’s problematic when we use older .net mysql connector in some of my project.

If you have trouble like this simply use nuget and say Bye bye to this trouble.


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